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One on One • Families • Small Groups

"Be Safe by Being Prepared", is my business motto. So if you are afraid of guns, have never shot before or maybe you're the one that has hunted with rifles or shotguns all your life but are just not comfortable with handguns, then we can help.

A private session or two may be just what your looking for.  Usually within an hour or two we will teach you the very basics of pistol shooting and help get you over that fear you may have. 

Another great benefit of a private session is that we can customize it for your comfort level.  If you have some experience and just want to tweek your grip or trigger pull... we can do that.

If you have never touched a gun before or maybe you are frightened of guns, then we can start there

Give us a call or drop us an email and let us know how we may help you.  Let's get you on the path of preparedness by helping you become a safe gun owner and user.

Do you fit one of these...

  • New Gun Owner or Want To Be
  • Afraid of Firearms
  • Prepare to be a Concealed Handgun Carrier
  • Improve Your Shooting
  • Fine Tune Your Shooting Techniques
  • Concealed Carry Techniques
  • Techniques for Protecting Your Family
  • Family Safety Plan
  • Introducing Your Kids to Guns
  • ...And More...

Give us a call or drop us an email so we can get you on the range and start becoming "Safe by Being Prepared"!